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CPG Interactive Celebrates 25 Years of Service to the CRE Industry

LIVINGSTON, N.J., April. 16, 2019
Award-Winning Livingston, N.J. Firm Delivers Groundbreaking Marketing Solutions to Over 450 Tri-State Area Real Estate Companies

CPG Interactive (CPG) is celebrating a quarter century of delivering groundbreaking solutions to help commercial real estate companies better market their properties and services.

Founder and president David Nusim has been a pioneer in adapting emerging technologies to create innovative marketing strategies for real estate clients. In 1994, after working at Cushman & Wakefield for five years, he launched CPG from his basement.

“After working for the Capital Markets Group, I shifted to a marketing role that included developing client presentations,” said Nusim, who was based in the firm’s East Rutherford, N.J. office. “I created a new department that handled property and service marketing for the New Jersey market, and over time it grew to serve the entire East Coast and selected Midwest offices.”

What was unique about Nusim's marketing sales presentations was that he had the foresight to use computers to marry technology and communications to give Cushman & Wakefield's brokers a competitive edge “Using computers and LCD projectors to make presentations was new in the real estate industry,” he recalled. “Telling their story with a combination of photos, maps and graphs positioned our team on the cutting-edge, allowing them to pitch accounts like no one else at that time.”

Realizing he could adapt the technology he had developed for other real estate firms, Nusim set up shop for himself. His first client was Cushman & Wakefield. “Two brokers I had worked with in the past landed a large disposition assignment for IBM and hired me to develop the property marketing presentations. They required it to be mobile so they could use an IBM ThinkPad laptop, which had just been introduced.”

Nusim delivered, and soon word spread to other brokers and owners who had the same need. Once CPG established a client base, he added new traditional service lines such as print media and real estate photography. Then the Web hit, and Nusim knew immediately that it would revolutionize real estate marketing for ever.

He began making presentations to tech-savvy clients to help them understand the Web’s enormous potential. “It was a tough sell at first, but after a few months of planting seeds, clients went from ‘I don’t think this is for us’ to ‘We need this now!’ Suddenly we were inundated with developing websites.”

After the Web boom, Nusim established another company, NJRE Direct, to provide clients with the ability to market via email to over 37,000 CRE professionals. Today CPG has evolved into a full-service real estate marketing company offering 12 service lines from three divisions: CPG Interactive, NJRE Direct and CPG Drone Media. Nusim’s experienced team boasts award-winning designers with the technical skills to produce top-quality media.

CPG’s client list includes over 450 companies and reads like a “Who’s Who” in the CRE industry. “Companies often hire us due to our wealth of real estate experience, and we’re proud of the referrals we get from our clients,” said Nusim. “I’ve found that exceeding client expectations while making their experience hassle free has helped our business grow organically.”

CPG continues to break new ground in the industry with the recent introduction of drone technologies, social media videos, 3D animation and property apps to help clients achieve their goals.

What’s next for the firm? “Although we already have delivered virtual reality (VR) projects, the technology is not fully there yet. I’m waiting for the new generation of Google Glasses to be introduced. When they are, I believe virtual tours and VR will redefine how real estate is marketed.”



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